Bituclair (Colored Bitumen)

Hincol Bituclair is a range of synthetic clear binders designed to produce coloured hot mix asphalt for long lasting, coloured pavement. It is available in the usual classes of paving bitumen, has a similar mechanical performance to conventional bitumen. It can be used to enhance the natural colour and texture of aggregates, and can be easily coloured using small amounts of pigments to provide an extensive colour palette.

BITUCLAIR makes it possible to carry out bituminous surfacing in different colours with different degrees of shading depending on their design and fitted to a broad range of applications. The manufacture and laying of products based on BITUCLAIR are similar to those of the corresponding classical bitumen. Very special precautions are taken at each stage of manufacture, to avoid any parasitic coloration of BITUCLAIR.

  • Bituminous concrete, hot process
  • Mastic asphalt
Emulsion of BITUCLAIR
  • Bituminous concrete, cold process
  • Micro-surfacing
  • Surface treatments
Hincol Bituclair is ideal for:
  • Architectural applications,
  • historical monuments,
  • parks and squares,
  • sports venues and stadiums,
  • boardwalks and promenade,
  • Office buildings, car parks and more.