Bitugrip (Antistripping Agent)

Premature failure of flexible pavement is a widespread problem. The important factor contributing to this failure is improper adhesion between bitumen and aggregates. Hincol Bitugrip is specially designed solution to tackle such problem by enhancing the adhesion of bitumen and ensuring stability of bituminous pavements. Hincol Bitugrip is an amine based anti-stripping agent that changes interfacial tension between bitumen and aggregates, strengthening the bond for long term durability.

Hincol Bitugrip is very effective in high rainfall regions, areas with poor aggregate-bitumen affinity and poor drainage systems. It prevents Bitumen against stripping action of water

A quantity of 0.5% to 1% by weight of Bitumen can be used based on the type of aggregates being used

  • Stable at high process temperatures of hot mix asphalt.
  • Excellent adhesion promoter for all types of aggregates.
  • Impedes age hardening of bituminous binder.
  • Enhances the service life of the pavement.