Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen

HINCOL CRMB is based on unique technology that enables homogeneity, stability and consistent properties of binder throughout the supply chain. To achieve this, special stabilising additives are used and a special manufacturing process is adopted and the result is a high performance bituminous binder with unique properties that are consistent

Hincol Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen is designed to maximise resistance to permanent deformation and reduce fatigue of asphalt mixtures that are used in the most demanding locations.  

The careful selection of additives greatly enhances binder performance, improving elasticity, reducing temperature susceptibility and improving adhesion. Our product range is particularly suited to heavy traffic locations such as highways, main roads, airfields, roundabouts and bus lanes. Typically we’ve developed products for a combination of the following needs:

  • Superior Elastic Modulus of Hincol CRMB helps control deformation under high pavement temperature and heavy loading conditions.
  • Increases the fatigue life of pavement under repeated heavy loading conditions.
  • Helps in reduction of maintenance cost and is more cost effective on a life cycle cost basis.
  • for use in thin surfacing and stone mastic asphalt (SMA) mixes;
  • for use in drainage (porous) asphalt applications;
  • for asphalt mixtures designed for high resistance to permanent deformation and high flexibility