Seal Coat
Hincol Seal Coat Bitumen Emulsion

Hincol Seal Coat Bitumen Emulsion is designed for use in Seal Coat applications. These emulsions are tailor made as per quality of aggregates and local site conditions.

Application Quantity in kg / 10 sqm Area
Slurry seal 10 to 12
Premix seal coat 10 to 12
Fog spray 5-10

Seal Coats are applied to surface to protect against moisture providing a long term barrier. Seal Coats also restore and renew a road's surface, improving skid resistance and creating a smoother surface. Seal Coats must be applied at correct moment of the life cycle of the road in order to properly prolong its service life. Repairing and replacing pavement due to improper seal coating can be very costly and time consuming. We work with our clients to ensure the best emulsions are chosen for the project considering the environment and road conditions so that maximum value and cost savings are achieved.