Micro Surfacing

Using various design mixes, techniques, and equipment, Hincol Micro-Surfacing can be used successfully in these situations:

  • In quick-traffic applications as thin as 3/8 inch (9.5 mm), Micro-Surfacing can increase skid resistance, color contrast, surface restoration, and service life to high-speed, heavy-traffic roadways. Such projects are often reopened to traffic within an hour.
  • Modern, continuous-load pavers can lay 500 tons of Micro-Surfacing per day, with no long traffic delays.
  • On airfields, dense-graded Micro-Surfacing produces a skid resistant surface without loose rock that damages aircraft engines.
  • As a thin, restorative surface course on urban arterials and heavy traffic intersections, Micro-Surfacing does not alter drainage; there's no loss of curb reveal.
  • Micro-Surfacing is applied to problem sections of roads or runways to eliminate hydroplaning problems that occur during periods of rain. The Micro-Surfacing restores the proper surface profile and makes the area safe for use.
  • Because Micro-Surfacing can be effectively applied to most surfaces at 3/8 inches (9.5 mm) or less, more area per ton of mix is covered, resulting in cost-effective resurfacing.
  • Micro-Surfacing creates a new, stable surface that is resistant to rutting and shoving in summer and to cracking in winter.
  • Applied to both asphalt and Portland cement surfaces (usually preceded by a tack coat on concrete), Micro-Surfacing is often used to restore a skid resistant surface to a slick bridge decking with minimum added dead weight.
  • Because of its quick-traffic properties, Micro-Surfacing can be applied in a broad range of temperatures and weather conditions, effectively lengthening the paving season. It is particularly suitable for night applications on heavy-traffic streets, highways, and airfields.
  • Applied at ambient temperature, Micro-Surfacing has low energy requirements. And it is environmentally safe, emitting no pollutants.
  • Micro-Surfacing's life expectancy usually exceeds five years.
  • Capable of filling wheel ruts up to 1-1/2 inches (38 mm) deep when the pavement has stabilized and is not subject to plastic deformation, Micro-Surfacing has the unique ability to solve this problem without milling.