Hincol Roadbond is an instant repair pre-mix for permanent repair of potholes and depressions on the roads. The aggregate gradation follows Table 500:47 of Specifications for Road and Bridge Works, Fifth revision, 2013; Ministry of Road Transport & Highways. Roadbond incorporates special additives that impart unique performance properties to the mixture

Hincol Roadbond is ready for immediate use with pre-mixed aggregates (cold technology). No heating, mixing or additions to the product before or after application. It is an all-weather usage product. Instant repair of roads can be made in wet conditions of monsoon, low temp of winter, high temp of summer etc. The treated surface can be opened to traffic immediately after treatment. Hincol Roadbond is proved to be efficient and economical for repairing:

  • Potholes (flexible and rigid pavements)
  • Rutting
  • Utility cuts