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As the world’s population is steadily growing from the current levels of 7 billion, the demand for diminishing natural resources is also growing. Sustainability calls for a decent standard of living for everyone today without compromising the needs of future generations.

This means finding better ways of doing things such as:

  • Helping people move out of poverty and get good jobs, while protecting the environment
  • Providing access to clean energy for everyone
  • Shaping cities so that everyone can enjoy a decent quality of life
  • Building better transportation systems that allow us all to get where we want to go, without causing too much congestion and pollution?
  • Making sure that our oceans are healthy and that marine life is not threatened by pollution and climate change

Solving these challenges is a start to building the future we want.

At Hincol, sustainability is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the world that we leave to the future.  Operationally, this commitment drives decision making that considers the economic, social and environmental impacts of everything we do. Our people and products make the world a better place. That simple and powerful purpose defines Hincol. It charges all of us to act responsibly to improve our environmental performances, to create economic growth and to improve the quality of life. Our Sustainability Report is a record of our achievements and also includes candid acknowledgment that much more is needed to achieve our aspiration of expanding our impact through sustainability. Our progress is embedded across all aspects of our company and highlighted below:

Sustainability begins at home … with what we’re doing to improve the sustainability of our operations around the country. Every gain we make benefits not only our company, employees and local communities, but also the sustainability profiles of the customers who use our products and the sustainability of our planet.

  • We completed business risk characterization work and finalized risk management recommendations.
  • We continually strive to be one of the most respected companies in the value added bituminous industry for environmental, health and safety performance.
  • We focus on reducing our direct and indirect energy usage per metric ton of product produced.
  • We also work to provide a safe environment for our neighbours and the communities in which we work and live.

More than 90 percent of the direct energy consumption of Hincol is in the form of Furnance oil, and the majority of that was to fuel thermic heaters to generate hot thermic oils for process use. Hincol purchases electricity for all of its facilities. We have a portfolio of energy-based initiatives to improve the long-term efficiency of our operations and products. Our commitment to lean manufacturing discipline ensures energy- and waste-reduction opportunities are considered by all employees in their daily activities

Conscious efforts have lead to significant improvement on providing environmental friendly solutions thereby helping minimise environmental impact for future.

  • Continued progress towards CO2 foot print reduction through promoting emulsion based technologies
  • Fuel Oil consumption is being tracked and controlled through active intervention and process improvements. Plate Heat Exchangers are being installed for bitumen heating there by optimising energy consumption, minimising energy losses and improving productivity
  • Energy recovery systems are being implemented at some of the manufacturing sites
  • Renewable energy sources likes Solar Energy are being studied and are being implemented.
Emissions, Effluents and Waste

All our operations are environmental friendly. None of Our manufacturing locations generate significant effluents. While liquid effluents are none, solid and gaseous wastes generated are bare minimum. More than 90 percent of our emissions are as a result of using furnace oil, with much smaller contributions from other fuels and losses of refrigerants. Emissions from transportation and other activities are small in comparison

Hincol has a considerable product portfolio with many products enabling efficiency improvements or providing direct energy and green house gas (GHG) reductions. The most significant is our Bitumen Emulsions. In addition to the Bitumen Emulsions that we sell, we have series of technologies like Micro surfacing, Cold Mix, Roadbond, Warm asphalt, Chip Seal etc which are environmental friendly with minimal carbon footprint.

We use energy optimization projects as a proxy for GHG intensity improvement. Both energy use and GHG emissions are impacted similarly by the improved production capacity utilization and energy savings projects at the sites.


The Balanced Score Card system clearly defines performance-based compensation and benefits opportunities with a flexible workplace and culture that differentiates itself from the competition. We provide challenging career opportunities. Total Rewards packages are offered to all regular full-time and part-time employees. These packages are aligned to local markets and compliant with local regulations. Total rewards include five main elements, each with programs and practices that collectively enable us to attract, engage and retain employees. These elements are:

  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Work-life balance
  • Performance and recognition
  • Professional development and career opportunities

In general, the company promotes a sense of equity across our workforce. The model is built around the following pillars:


  • Our rewards framework reflect competitive market practices and regulatory requirements
  • Our rewards support a high-performance workplace through differentiation and sharing of company success
  • Our rewards foster an environment that is flexible
  • Our rewards are communicated to promote employee understanding regarding their benefits and value.
  • Our rewards program is affordable and sustainable to the business and valued by employees

Hincol believes employees drive our success, and we strive to create a positive work environment that fosters trust, commitment and innovation. Hincol is committed to maintaining a great place to work, with competitive wages, benefits and working conditions. We actively engage employees for ideas, suggestions or concerns, and employees are free and encouraged to bring them forward. Employees are empowered to raise issues and concerns through their choice of a variety of channels, including their supervisor and human resources representative. Finally we strives to be proactive within the regulatory frameworks and is committed to preventing discrimination and promoting equal opportunity in all employment practices while promoting a culture of mutual respect among employees.

Occupational Health and Safety

Safety is one of our core values, and Hincol is committed to the safety and health of its employees and others working at its facilities. Hincol requires all work-related injuries and illnesses to be reported – including first aid cases – which are in turn compiled in a database. Appropriate corrective and preventive measures are taken. Hincol offers comprehensive medical insurance coverage to employees and their dependents.

Hincol continually strives to increase engagement with people living close to our sites. The majority of Hincol’s manufacturing sites have implemented local community outreach programs in coordination with the company’s corporate community relations efforts.

We focus on ensuring operational and process safety as well as safeguarding the communities in which it operates. There are many examples of this, which include:

  • Consistent implementation of design practices during the design and engineering of new equipment and during process installations. For example, for each capital project, a structured process hazard analysis is completed to identify hazards, evaluate potential impact of hazards, and implement appropriate safeguards to minimize risk, both on-site and off-site.
  • Day-to-day procedures and work practices in place to mitigate and prevent operational hazards and risks once a process is operational. Examples of this include standards for operating equipment and machinery, personal protection requirements, and equipment maintenance and inspection requirements.
  • Emergency response plans specific to the hazards at each site. Part of this plan includes a trained team of operators and personnel who are able to respond to process or safety incidents.
  • Programs in place for process auditing, management of change, and incident reporting and investigation in order to ensure process safety plans are maintained and updated as needed.
Training and Education

Development and training at Hincol varies by job role and responsibilities at our sites. Hincol is committed to a strong learning and development culture with best-in-class resources to attract, engage, develop and retain talent. We recognize the significant competitive advantage that exists in strong individual and organizational capabilities.

This capability is created when people have the knowledge, skills, abilities, experiences and discernment to execute brilliantly. Responsibility for employee capability development is led by human resources, in partnership with the functions. The function plans, manages and oversees long-term employee development and career management. This approach enables consistent and common processes and ensures greater visibility and equity in developing talent across the enterprise.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Hincol seeks to attract, engage, develop and retain the best talent. We are committed to sustaining an inclusive work environment that supports fairness and respect, self-fulfillment, teamwork, and dedication to excellence in which employees can best achieve their full potential.

We are committed to embracing generational differences in values, ways of getting things done and ways of communicating. The increasing generational diversity requires a flexible talent management model to sustain the ability to attract and retain young talent.

Hincol will continue to pursue technologies and processes considering environmental, social and economic impact of the same. Our commitment to progress never stops.