Technical Services

Hincol offers a wide range of Pavement Management services for roads and airports including maintenance systems. Proper management of pavement networks enables our clients to optimize the decision making process on rehabilitation and repair options, maintenance, and associated costs to maximize their available resources.

  • Hincol has the specialized experience and ability to conduct pavement condition survey which includes a 100% visual survey of the entire pavement surface. During pavement condition survey all pavement distresses and severities are mapped. This detailed documentation of existing distresses is easily transferred to plans and specifications which can be used for maintenance and repair of the pavement surface.
  • Hincol personnel have years of experience and the ability to conduct on-call construction consultation to handle any Contractor Requests for Information and any potential plan and specification modifications during the bidding and construction phases of pavement repair and rehabilitation projects.
  • We also offer quality control and construction inspection services.
  • Hincol undertakes Hot Mix Design activity for our esteemed clients. For specific projects, we extend the option of hot mix characterisation at state of the art Central Laboratory of Colas at Paris, France.
  • Hincol provides technical information on asphalt mixes such as manufacturing, transport, laying, mechanical testing, and mechanical properties.
  • We also provide support on value added bitumen application trouble shooting, product specification, quality, test methods, equipments, procedures and  bitumen technical information on safety, storage, and handling

The state of the art laboratory at Mumbai is equipped to offer below services through its dedicated and skilled professionals: