Bitumen Emulsions – Ushering an era of versatility & convenience in road construction
Bitumen is known to mankind for over 5000 years. However, it is often hard to pinpoint the exact date of the discovery and the name of the inventor when attempting to record the history of any industrial product or process. Unquestionably, though, the first road binders were Tars and very often 1854 is mentioned as being the year when the first paving was laid on a village square in France using a fluid Tar produced in the local gas plant!

From that first use of Tar as a binder, road construction technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the intervening years. In 1922 an English chemist, Hugh Alan Mackay, filed a patent on "Bitumen Emulsion". Generally speaking, this event is considered to be the starting point of a new generation of road binders which was to revolutionise road construction techniques in the years to come.

Since Bitumen is difficult to work with at ambient temperatures, chemists have over the years developed techniques to convert it into stable emulsions. By definition, an emulsion is dispersion in the form of very fine particles of one liquid in another liquid in which it is not soluble. In keeping with the definition, natural forces tend to separate the different liquids forming an emulsion. This leads us to the premise that we can enable two liquids to be maintained at least for sometime in the form of an emulsion by using certain external action. This is where the technology developed by Colas S.A., the world leaders in Bitumen Emulsions, comes into play. Using the specialized technology and equipment, Colas creates Bitumen Emulsions of various types for different applications.

In India, Hincol uses the same technology to produce a wide range of Bitumen Emulsions for the road construction industry. Though Bitumen Emulsions were introduced into India much later than the western countries, they are fast gaining popularity with rapid advancements in road construction techniques. Today, Bitumen Emulsions are specified in the requirements of most road construction authorities and detailed classification has been done by the Bureau of Indian Standard under IS 8887:2004. All leading road construction companies are fully aware of the advantages of using Bitumen Emulsions and opt for the high quality products manufactured by Hincol in its Plants spread across India.

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Modified Bitumen - Modification happens when innovation meets engineering
The road network in India is the subject of intense focus at present and there is an acknowledged need for its modernization in order to support the fast pace at which the country’s economy is growing. In addition to improvement of the existing roads, the expansion of the network and widening of existing roads is becoming increasingly important.

The demands and expectations from roads are increasing every day. There is a very strong need for a binder that can withstand severe traffic and climatic stress without compromising on the life of the pavement. Modified Bitumen has been developed against this backdrop and is the reincarnation of conventional Bitumen with enhanced performance properties to sustain the ever increasing requirements of our roads.

Modified Bitumen offers more resistance to temperature variations, can withstand extreme climatic conditions & high traffic loads, offers excellent driving comfort and finally, leads to enhanced pavement life at reduced maintenance cost.

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Special Products – Specific needs are fulfilled with special products
HINCOL special products are developed to cater to the specific needs of the road construction sector. We offer products that add value to roads and increase the convenience in the construction process. We have Coloured Bitumen to pave roads in any colour other than black. In order to reduce the fuel consumption we offer you Warm Bitumen which gives desired results at much lower temperatures in a hot-mix plant as compared to conventional Bitumen, resulting in reduced pollution and lower green-house gas emissions. To cater the need of high altitude road construction we offer Cutbacks that work best at sub zero temperature. Premature failure of the pavement can be prevented by adding Anti Stripping Agent to Bitumen. We also offer Road Bond a hassle free and environment friendly instant cold - mix based solution to tackle the perennial problem of potholes that is the cause of much unhappiness among road users in urban and rural India alike. So whether it is a VIP red carpet or an airport runway, there is a Hincol product available for all your paving needs.

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